The Process

Welcome to our Bespoke Wig Service

Welcome to the Hair By Him UK wig service. Take a read and make your purchase. If you have any questions, get at us!

The Process

Can you imagine sporting a wig that is comprised of hair extensions that have been created by the best in the hair industry which in non other than Marvin Francis himself! Wearing a fine quality wig is one thing but when it comprised of components and craftsmanship that is overseen by a leading hair fashion icon like Marvin then you know you are getting the best.

Once you have ordered your wig then it will be intricately created with only the very best in workmanship and you can excitedly expect to be wearing it within 20 working days. However, this can vary somewhat but you will certainly be kept up to date if there are any delays. Please do inform us if you have a specific day that you need your wig by so we can do everything within our power to meet this deadline.

We like to make everything easy for our clients and it is no different when it comes to meeting your wig requirements. Our Bespoke wig services have been designed to offer you three options….

Option One

Our highly skilled and trained wig makers have a great deal of experience in what many of our clients are looking for in a wig. Based on this they have been able to create a wonderful selection of wigs to choose from. Have a look at our Wig Directory (click HERE) and you can select a unit from there.  All you need to do is select the one that appeals to you and make your purchase. Once you have done this we can then customize it according to your instructions.

Option Two

We have added for you here a wonderful Bespoke wig enquiry form (click HERE). It is quick and easy to use and you can determine exactly how you want your beautiful wig to be. Once you have completed your selection options the form will be emailed to our team and some will get back to you with a price for your unit. Once you have finalized your purchase we will immediately get to work on your wig creation.

Option Three

From time to time, we have units which are ready to wear and can be sent out straight away. These are available on our social media page (@hairbyhimuk_shop).  You can contact us via email or direct messages on Instagram. Please see the feed at the bottom of this page. 

PLEASE NOTE – When you receive your wig purchase price it will include the cost of the hair chosen, the construction of the wig and the wig colouring if this is necessary.

There is no doubt that you are going to be most pleased when you take advantage of our Bespoke Wig Services. Just as we make our hair services the best there is in the UK the same can be said for our wig creations.