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Premium Hair Extensions

Hair By Him UK takes great pride in the selection of hair extensions that we have to offer our clients. We know that looking your very best is important to you and therefore it becomes our priority as well. Our goal is to be able to offer you a selection of hair extensions that are comprised of the very best of quality and will enhance your natural hair to the utmost. Added to our mandate is to not only give you a great selection but to make it affordable. We are most pleased to have reached our goals. With such a grand selection of extended hair pieces to choose from and while this is exciting, it may be difficult for you to make up your mind. Our highly trained salon hair extension experts will be most pleased to assist you with your choices.

Our selection is comprised of a variety of types of hair as well as textures as well as affordability. There is no rule that says you have to wear hair pieces that totally match your hair, while this of course is possible. If you have the desire to be daring and dazzling then you can choose a hair extension that is totally different than your natural hair. Don’t be afraid to make a hair fashion statement!

To help you with your choices here is a little insight into the types of hair extensions that we have available for you here at Hair By Him UK…

If you are looking for an extension that boasts of body then the Brazilian hair extensions is a wise choice. It is the type of wear and go hair piece that gives you no problems and is quality made so it holds its style and is easy to care for. Soft, thick and luxurious is the best way to describe this very much sought after hair extension.

If you want a hair extension that you don’t even know you are wearing it when it comes to weight, then you are looking for the Peruvian Hair extensions. Although it is feather light there is no compromise with the volume it possesses. It is a wonderful choice for Caucasian or combined with a relaxed Afro. It is a perfect match for the Caribbean beauty.

If you are craving the look of hair that feels and looks like silk then you will want to choose the Malaysian Hair extensions. It provides a thick dense look to your hair style but has a fascinating silk feel to it. It is the kind of hair extension that you just can’t stop running your fingers through. If you are torn between Brazilian and Peruvian then you have met right in the middle of the two with the Malaysian Hair extension.

If you are looking for the type of hair extension that you can where anywhere at anytime then the Cambodian hair extensions is for you. It has top quality durability to it and is made with natural qualities and possesses a soft flowing texture to it.

As a Caucasian female that wants a hair piece that is absolutely stunning and is soft, smooth and natural looking then the choice is easy as it would have to be our European Hair Extensions. There is a wonderful selection of textures to choose from. This allows for versatility in your hair style, and gives you many opportunities to create the look that you are wanting and expect from a top quality hair extension.

See it First

You deserve to have the best when it comes to your hair and we aim to see that you get it. So don’t wait any longer. Start your exciting hair journey by selecting one of our top quality hair pieces and let us work our magic by transforming your hair look into something that is one of a kind and absolutely spectacular!